Why polyurethane


PVC and polyurethane are both thermoplastic materials perfect for hose manufacturing. Depending on factors such as temperature, chemical compatibility and flexibility needed, one material may perform better than the other for a particular application. So, when choosing a hose, you need to clearly have in mind what you need it for: what will flow through […]

Superflex easy pack


Superflex easy pack: pull to…unveil! Starting from an “aesthetic”, but also practical requirement, such as improving the Superflex hoses packaging, Merlett has conceived Easy Pack. The idea is for sure improving the packaging appearance of the Superflex hoses. A further advantage also comes from a transport point of view: differently from the previous covering, the Easy […]

Dragon Tail – Different applications


Maybe not everyone is aware Merlett has a specific product which applications could reserve great satisfaction in a profitable sector: the Dragon Tail hose. In its varieties 918536 and 918538 (light), available in several diameters, this hose is perfect for pumper truck waste evacuation, septic and sewer cleaning and marine sanitation (boat black waters tank).   The […]

Merlett conquering the Social networks


Merlett is glad to welcome you on its brand new Facebook page, where you could stay updated as for its innovations on new products, new technologies, packaging,…Click here to follow us. A dedicated Youtube channel will also guide you into a deep dive into the Merlett world. Click  here You can also follow Merlett on its linkedin […]


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