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Entering into the world of Merlett you can see and appreciate that our mission is to satisfy the customer’s needs, with careful control of each stage of the production process of the product.
Our customers, relying on the brand Merlett, are certain and assured of being able to cover all the opportunities that the market offers.

Care of the production process

Merlett actively monitors and manages the entire production chain, from the use of high quality raw material, to the delivery of goods to the final customer. The company objective is to safeguard the quality of the product up to its final destination.

We are more flexible than our hoses

In a fast moving and increasingly less predictable market, it is through the ability to handle the unexpected and the readiness to recognise even the weakest signals coming from the market, Merlett can make a difference. Our flexibility in production is a key point in the company philosophy

Continuous improvement through innovation & technology

Our behaviour in Merlett is aimed at continuous improvement of the production process and business management, every person in the company is encouraged to have an input, the overall effect of which becomes a process of selection and improvement for the entire organisation.

High quality and management of complexity

Merlett can boast an excellent quality of its products, due to its ability to renew itself over the years and constantly improve itself, dealing brilliantly with increasingly stringent quality standards, hand in hand with increasing complexity. "Complexity is one of the fastest growing sector in the knowledge economy: those who can read it survives."

Learning organization

The company has always promoted an internal culture that encourages employees to help in developing new ideas and improve working practices.


Working as a team allows us to enhance the performance capabilities of individuals and to achieve the goals we have set ourselves with better results.

Employee engagement & Customer support

Inside the company working relationships between management and staff have always been good leading to great cooperation at all levels, an active system is in place to encourage and open business management opportunities to the employees themselves. As part of our development the same type of collaboration is promoted with our customers.

Integrity & Respect

Attention to product quality, environmental respect, occupational safety and compliance with the regulations in force are always at the centre of our behaviours and our projects. All our customers can be assured that our company is a reliable partner.

Customer-centric enterprise

Our organisation, the production structure and the behaviour of people from all parts of the company are aimed at meeting the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.

Over the years, an ongoing search for new materials, technologies and markets has allowed Merlett to improve its existing products and create new ones. Merlett currently has the largest product range in the field and it is continually evolving thanks to the development of new materials and production technologies. Now more than ever, it is necessary to take this approach in order to cater to the constant stream of new demands from the market. In our laboratory, we are continually testing new types of materials and their interaction with the environment, so that we always have the “right recipe” for the “right purpose” at the “right time”, thus giving total customer satisfaction.

The corporate strategy has always been to provide customers with outstanding service as quickly as possible. This is why Merlett opened its first European branch with its own warehouse in the 1980s and it has continued along this path in the following years, leading to the current set-up of twelve branches. At present, there are three production sites: the main premises in Daverio (approximately 43,000 m²), a location in Varano Borghi (approximately 23,000 m²) and – since 2007 – Noviteck SA in Rancate, Switzerland (approximately 3,200 m²). On top of this, there are also approximately 40,000 m² of outdoor areas. The industrial structure has approximately 130 production lines, 200 extruders and 20 presses. It has a daily output of around 450,000 metres.