Integrated production and product traceability


In Merlett the entire production chain is controlled and monitored at every stage, production chain refers to the steps involved from raw material acquisition, to the arrival of the goods at the customer. The ultimate objective of Merlett is to safeguard the quality of the product with our rigorous checking process throughout the production chain ensuring finished products fully meet the expectations of the final recipient.

Traceability is vital at every stage, it will be possible at any time to go back to when the hose was produced (date and time), by which operator and on which production line, thanks to a special marking system, metre by metre that Merlett developed to ensure at all times the traceability of our products.

A characteristic of our hose production, therefore, is this timely and meticulous system of controls: immediately at the input (on the purchased raw material), in process (before the granule production), on the hose production line and then in output (quality control), and finally with the end user. Hoses are a vital component in the use as veins and arteries for the functionality of machines sometimes very complex and expensive.

From the winning idea to transform granules into powder used in the production of plastics Merlett has built a dedicated mixing Department that controls the supply of raw material throughout the production sector of the company.

The production is carried out in Italy, at the two sites located in Daverio and Varano Borghi, in Varese province. From 2007 after the acquisition of Noviteck, some specialist products are made at the plant in Rancate, Switzerland.

The production process is integrated with the processing of the raw material that ensures a consistent technical specification and appearance of the product.

Our factory operates a continuous shift system, a 24 hour operation aimed at reducing start up problems and ensuring optimum production capacity and continuous availability of the product in stock.

The quality that distinguishes Merlett products from the competition starts at the base, from acquisition of raw materials on the market.  Hoses reach our customer through and established and very efficient delivery network.

Thanks to the technical expertise shown in the Merlett laboratory, we have developed over the years our own formulations/recipes used in the production of our hoses, in a perfectly vertically integrated production process.  One of the main strengths of Merlett Tecnoplastic is the control of materials, suitable and certified upon arrival at the Company, we further strengthened our position in 2011 with the purchase of a new granulator, with a daily production capacity of about 75,000 kg.

The hoses that Merlett Tecnoplastic manufacture have various lengths and diameters and are intended for a variety of applications; suction of liquids in flow and pressure, for the passage of air and compressed air; specific hoses are also designed for suction of fumes, dust and scraps, welding and cleaning of swimming pools, for the fishing industry, appliance industry, suitable for conveying food; electrical conduits used to cover electrical wires for industrial and civil use.

In addition to braided hoses that meet the characteristics of high resistance, the production can also have aesthetic aspects, as in the case of Boalum, the lamp standing exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.