Dragon Tail – Different applications

Maybe not everyone is aware Merlett has a specific product which applications could reserve great satisfaction in a profitable sector: the Dragon Tail hose.

In its varieties 918536 and 918538 (light), available in several diameters, this hose is perfect for pumper truck waste evacuation, septic and sewer cleaning and marine sanitation (boat black waters tank).


The Merlett Dragon Tail hose is the perfect combination between durability and flexibility, thanks to its elastic consistence given buy a LDPE and elastomers mixture. The double helix (yellow and black) has been specifically designed for higher abrasion and crush resistance results, additionally to a great flexibility to folding, even at very rigid temperatures.

Its smooth interior layer allows for a maximum pump efficiency and highest performances. Furthermore, its smoothness prevents from the blocking risk.

The 0.90m version (pictures here below), comprehensive of leak proof cuffs and a practical cord for an easy removal, has been specifically conceived to guarantee the highest abrasion resistance for sewer high pressure jetting hoses and other utility inspection equipments.

For this very specific application, the Dragon Tail smooth inner surface reduces friction when the a pressure hose enters a pipe or drain.