Mèrlett Tecnoplastic S.p.A. Merlett Merlett

Merlett Tecnoplastic S.p.A.

Merlett is the European leader in the market of flexible PVC hoses, for technical, industrial, agricultural, marine, building, transport and foodstuff industries.

The group manufactures in Italy: spiral hoses (rigid PVC spiral, copper-plated or galvanized steel spiral), braided hoses (polyester yarn reinforcement), corrugated hoses, Armorvin, Superflex and Vacupress, using different technologies and materials, such as PVC, polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, polyethylene, EVA.



Believe in the product

Our company embraces a family history made of people, ideas, successes and sacrifices, to provide a variety of hoses made of plastic materials intended for different uses.

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A well-organized distribution network to ensure customer service and fast delivery

Our extensive range of products is made available to our customers through an effective and efficient distribution network.

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Under the Merlett lens: respect for the environment.

Today, more than ever, the environmental issue is extremely important.
Merlett are conscious as a leading manufacturer of flexible plastic hoses to maximize the impact in curbing the effects of our actions on the environment around us.

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Innovation drives development and development generates the resources to invest in innovation.

The continuous search for new materials and being at the forefront of technological development has allowed Merlett to pursue a policy of ongoing improvements to existing products and creating new ones.

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